They will most likely nip at tankmates their size or smaller, but if kept in a large school, aggression will for the most part be kept within their shoal. Other than that, you can keep them together with other fish provided that you care for them properly. Why are they called the working man’s neon? They thrive in brackish waters of America and Mexico. Another very small fish, appropriate for especially small tanks, the guppies would make ideal tank mates for the neon tetras. General: They are colorful and easy to maintain, like tetras, and are generally nonaggressive toward other species. Celestial danios are exquisite-looking fish. The male Silvertip Tetras are a deep copper color, and females are much more pale. In general, they are similar to the tetras and besides all that, they look great. © Copyright 2020 - SmartAquariumGuide. The guppies will breed at an amazing rate, so they make for great breeding species as well if you are more into that aspect of breeding your own fish. They are actually bottom-feeders, which means that they like to stay near the bottom of the tank and collect food from there. White cloud minnows, or white cloud mountain minnows, also known as the working man’s neon, make for good tank mates for the neon tetras. They will get along very well with other tetras because they are actually all quite similar in terms of character and behavior. They will also feed on flakes and pellets, too. The mollies are considered to be in the same family group as the guppies. Gouramis are a very interesting species. Their maximum size once they reach full size is 1,5 inches. Platys, guppies and mollies make good tank mates for both small and midsize tetras. There are more variations of the platy fish. Let’s take a look at why they are perfect tank species for the neon tetras. They will most likely nip at tankmates their size or smaller, but if kept in a large school, aggression will for the most part be kept within their … Not only they are similar to neon tetras in terms of looks, but also in terms of behavior. You do not want to have larger species there or species that are too aggressive. The best companions for tetras are – more tetras! Since this species is fairly unfussy when it comes to water chemistry and diet, it makes an excellent beginners fish for … For this reason, they are some of the best fish for your tank if you are a beginner. Otocinclus catfish are known as algae eaters. And harlequin rasboras are deemed as perfect candidates to be tank mates with the neon tetras. Apparently, it’s found in both white and black water environments. There are some other benefits of having the harlequin rasboras in the tank; firstly, they are easy to care for and do not require too much maintenance. But if they are put together in an aquarium with more docile and smaller fish, and they have enough space, then it should not be an issue. Bucktooth Tetra – Habitat, Feeding, Breeding, Tank Size & Mates, Blind Cave Tetra – Habitat, Diet, Breeding, Tank Size & Mates, Buenos Aires Tetra – Habitat, Diet, Breeding, Tank Size & Mates. But towards other peaceful fish, they do not cause problems and are actually quite peaceful. They have a very interesting body – they have pearl-like shapes all over the body and also the body itself features some interesting colors. For this reason, this article was composed to help you choose some of the best tank mates for the neon tetras. They belong to the Cichlidae fish family; they are an exception in their family in the sense that they are not aggressive like other fish from this family. […], 55 gallon and two 29-gallon tanks with a. They can grow to up to 3 inches, which means that they would find it hard to live in a 5-gallon tank, but a 10-gallon tank will do well. Celestial danios live to up to 5 years if cared for properly.