Small, independent presses understand the challenge of small operating budgets and the struggle to have a voice in a world full of The Big Guys with Big Wallets. Cambria Edit. Milkweed Editions "seeks to be a site of metamorphosis in the literary ecosystem." Due to overwhelming support, orders may take 4+ days to process. While most widely known for its books on politics, human rights, and social and economic justice, Seven Stories continues to champion literature, with a list encompassing both innovative debut novels and National Book Award–winning poetry collections, as well as prose and poetry translations from the French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, Greek, Polish, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, and Arabic. Located in Portland, Oregon, Future Tense proudly publishes groundbreaking … Bruylant Edit. ScholarLed is a consortium of five scholar-led, not-for-profit, open access book publishers that was formed in 2018. Or MIT Press and Yale University Press's books on art and architecture. P.I ... Big Lucks specifically states that they do not read every submission. Founded in 1955, City Lights publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and literature in translation. Scaling Small. We are open daily from 10am - 7pm  As ever, thanks for keeping it indie. Recent offerings include The Endless Summer, Frontier, and North Station. Many academic presses are ranked much higher than this place so take your precious work elsewhere. Independent publishers vs. self-publishers There’s plenty to ruminate on when it comes to the distinction between indie publishing and self-publishing , but independent publish ers are quite different from self-publishers. Melville House is also well-known for its fiction, with two Nobel Prize winners on its list: Imre Kertesz and Heinrich Boll. Dzanc Books is a nonprofit publisher of literary fiction that also runs several writing instruction and literacy programs across the country. Counterpoint’s books run the gamut from literary fiction to graphic novels and philosophy, but are unified by the press’s focus on literary voice and cutting-edge themes and forms. Indie presses also tend to be small presses, an industry term for publishers making less than $50 million annually. Tin House Books launched in 2005 as an offshoot of Tin House magazine, an eclectic literary journal that focuses on established and emerging writers in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Recent offerings include Chirri and Chirra, The Snowy Day, The Gold Leaf, and Bear and Wolf. Founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, Forest Avenue Press publishes literary fiction, often with a speculative bent. n 2002, Tin House ventured into the world of book publishing as an imprint with Bloomsbury. Tiny Fox Press. Small presses, like indies, are also willing to take a chance on a new voice. Whether you’re pursuing the publication of your first book or your fifth, use the Small Presses database to research potential publishers, including submission guidelines, tips from the editors, contact information, and more. Recent offerings include Stephen Florida, Tell Me How It Ends, and A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing. I need a smaller Publisher for a ‘religious’ academic style book. For example, Stanford University Press launched a new trade imprint and Manchester University Press has announced it has acquired forward titles from Bloomsbury Publishing. Established in 1950, UT Press has published more than 3,000 books over six decades. Recent offerings include They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, The Vine That Ate the South, and Found Audio. Recent offerings include My Brilliant Friend, The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine, and The Distant Marvels. Read our in-store shopping guidelines. Recent offerings include Heart Berries, Gifted, and The Job of the Wasp. We hope you'll give their authors some of your time. Recent offerings include Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment, Like a Dog, and Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? Future Tense Books. Follow the blog tour, shop our reading list…find your next #ReadUP! “Many university presses, especially smaller ones, did not do themselves a service by attempting to fly beneath the radar at their institutions,” Watkinson says. "I asked Ezra Pound for 'career advice,'" James Laughlin recalled. ... Small but innovative publisher; one of the few with true 'progressive' values. BookPeople is open at limited capacity! Akashic Books is a Brooklyn-based independent company dedicated to publishing urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers. They publish some of the top-selling, living poets in America. Rankings rely on subjective impressions by the scholarly community, on analyses of prize winners of scientific associations, discipline, a publisher's reputation, and its impact factor (particularly in the sciences). Recent offerings include Wolf Season, Hap and Hazard and the End of the World, and Autopsy of a Father. Recent offerings include History of Wolves, Freshwater, and Hotel Silence. As of 2015, they have launched 102 titles and 40 eBooks. They are not a printer, they are a sweet publishing house located on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. In addition to academic texts, UT Press publishes books of general interest for a wider audience on a variety of subjects, including history, current affairs, the visual arts, music, and food, among others. Founded in 1994, Counterpoint publishes Counterpoint and Soft Skull Press. A Strange Object is an independent press based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to publishing surprising, heartbreaking fiction alongside thoughtful ephemera. Comments submitted on weekends might take until Monday to appear. The material consisted of things sent in to the blog by writers and poets in response to the 9/11 attacks, and Johnson and Merians felt it better represented the spirit of New York than the call to war of the Bush administration. Akashic’s slogan is “Reverse-gentrification of the literary world.” A Brooklyn-based press, its focus is on urban literary fiction and political nonfiction, as well as authors disinterested in or ignored by mainstream media and publishers. House of Anansi also specializes in discovering and developing new literary talents in poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. Recent offerings include City of Weird, Queen of Spades, and Parts per Million. Recent offerings include The World Goes On, Compass, and Mrs. Caliban. If trade publishers give us a provisional draft of history, university presses give us the more authoritative version. According to its website, “Microcosm is a vertically integrated publishing house that equips readers to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them.” Microcosm’s emphasis on DIY, bicycling, and social justice helps to make it one of our customers’ favorite publishers. Tiny Fox Press is headed up by four writers/editors you can get to know from their … Recent offerings include Edisto, Large Animals, and The Middlepause. Graywolf Press is a leading independent publisher committed to the discovery and energetic publication of contemporary American and international literature. New Directions was founded in 1936, when James Laughlin (1914 - 1997), then a twenty-two-year-old Harvard sophomore, issued the first of the New Directions anthologies. Founded in 1995 in New York City and named for the seven authors who committed to a home with a fiercely independent spirit, Seven Stories Press publishes works of the imagination and political titles by voices of conscience. Bellevue Literary Press, based in the historic Bellevue Hospital in New York, publishes literary fiction and nonfiction that explores the interdisciplinary relationship between art and science. Recent offerings include Don't Call Us Dead, The Empathy Exams, and Her Body and Other Parties. As part of its mission to serve the people of Texas, the Press also produces books on the history, culture, arts, and natural history of the state.