An elegant option, solid hardwood flooring is much easier to maintain and keep clean than carpeting. Birch wood floors have a visual appeal that is enhanced by its natural highlights. For a quicker response, please send all inquiries via [email protected] or text to 416-735-0075. Summary. Birch Hardwood Flooring. If it's Exotic flooring you're after, try our Exotic Flooring page! The birch species can be divided into two subspecies that are most often used for flooring, the Yellow Birch and the Red Birch. Floors for Less is now GoHardwood! Hardwood Flooring - Toronto, Ontario 2687 Steeles Ave W., North York, ON M3J 2Z8, Canada. This wood is taken from the heart … Same company, same great prices just a different name!!! We specialize in discount hardwood flooring, closeout, liquidation and large volume purchases from flooring mills to obtain the best possible pricing. Despite its name, Red Birch tends to have a golden color, with slight red undertones. Write a Review. Birch hardwood flooring comes in multiple shades and widths ensuring there is a look for every style, whether classic or modern. Both have a 1290 rating on the Janka Hardness scale. You've found our page dedicated to Unfinished Solid Hardwood Flooring in domestic wood species. Rating. You're reviewing Birch Hardwood Flooring. GoHardwood, is a premier Hardwood Flooring Wholesale Supplier that sells first-rate, quality products well below retail pricing. Goodfellow Original Flooring Collection offers a quality hardwood floor that adds warmth, elegance, and increases the value of your home. Review. Birch wood flooring is one of the most popular and most common hardwood flooring species. Typically, hardwood planks are ¾” thick and are made from a single, solid piece of hardwood. Our collection of Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring is one of the largest on the web, and perhaps the most competitively priced collection anywhere! Birch hardwood is often used for braces or structural members when absolute strength is required, such as in hydraulic presses or other applications that require rock-solid strength. It also is available with a smooth finish, distressed, or hand scraped, depending on your preference. 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. Nickname. Add to Cart. Because of its ease of maintenance and hardness, it allows you to have the healthiest of living environments. Write a Review. Solid hardwood flooring provides a ¾’’ solid thickness that makes the floor stable, durable and long lasting; Satin finish, VOC free, formaldehyde free; Reviews . Plywood Its durability makes it a good choice for an enduring flooring product for the home. Woodwudy carries wholesale solid hardwood flooring made from various oaks, birches, maples, and hickories, and we offer our hardwood in both unfinished and prefinished states.