They’re charged with executing projects successfully while also overseeing budgets, soliciting stakeholder support, negotiating contracts and vendor agreements, supporting strategic initiatives, and developing their employees’ skills and expertise. Today, we throw the word ‘leadership’ around as though it is expected, as though it is something all project managers can do without having to think about it or […] Project management leaders have a lot on their plates, and are faced with specific leadership challenges. I believe the challenge of effective leadership in projects to be one of the most urgent the profession of project management has faced in recent times. In this article, we’ll look at what Project Leadership adds to project management. And we’ll also look at three of the biggest challenges project leaders face in tough times. significant relationship between project management leadership aspects and performance of CI projects; project management control had the greatest effect on performance of CI projects. People get scared and uncertain. The findings of the study are of great importance to policy makers in designing ... Muller, 2005). In tough times, project management is not enough. A project manager should provide direction for every step of the project, so each of the team leaders know what to expect from their teams. So they need leadership to keep them motivated, confident and effective. Therefore, poor communication on both sides, the manager and the team, can serve as the biggest project management challenge.