Allergies. Nausea. Although an allergic reaction to soy lecithin is highly unlikely, a person with a soy allergy may experience allergy symptoms. If you have an allergy to any sunflower products, including sunflower seeds or oil, you should avoid sunflower lecithin entirely. The specific symptoms … Sunflower lecithin is typically safe, but some people might experience some symptoms when they begin taking it. Others, for example, nuts and sunflower … Symptoms of an allergic … Some food hypersensitivities are extremely troublesome and baffling to work around, similar to eggs or dairy items. Viki R(6) ... oats and eggs when I was breastfeeding:(. She had many symptoms which consisted of silent reflux, arching in pain, chronic cough, hayfever like symptoms … Lectin sensitivity can show up as an allergic response. 7. sunflower lecithin allergy . Food Additive Allergy -- lecithin: Introduction. What sort of allergies and food may impact and create Sunflower seed allergy? Soy lecithin is a by-product of soy beans and is commonly used in foods to stabilize and provide a greater shelf life. Food Additive Allergy -- lecithin: A lecithin allergy is an adverse reaction by the body's immune system to a food additive called lecithin which is used in a number of foods. You may notice watery eyes, sniffling or sinus congestion, tightness in the throat, and itchy skin, mouth or tongue. Similar to the … If you have been diagnosed with a soy allergy, talk with your doctor before consuming soy lecithin. 6.