next week will be periodical exam. Regards. pls? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If we can’t provide the lg and tg for 3rd and 4th grading please provide us related reference materials. it just and proper that they will not leave us hanging….just give the competencies. wala po bang pdf or complete na file? This link opens in a new window; Refer to pages 124 - 135. Meaning English teachers should not expect those guides? DepEd K-12 Manuals, DepEd K To 12 Modules. Poor teachers, we have to scratch our heads again. . Other subjects already have their 3rd and 4th quarter materials. New Oxford Modern English has established itself as one of the most popular ELT courses among both teachers and students for almost three decades. we demand now the 3rd and 4th quarter modules….i really cant wait, other subject areas are already sent….why not us????? Thanks. hope it will be as effective and nice as envisioned…, Muchas Gracias! that’s the only thing they can answer. Thanks. if we are going to make our own tg’s and lg’s, what is the topic? although i find K TO 12 CURRICULUM an innovation that may help our students, i think the grading system is still a bit vague on our part… i hope you could give us more enlightenment on the said part since we will begin to reinforce the curriculum very soon. Although I find the package very innovating for the students,but most of the activites are not catered for average and poor learners. are the 3rd and 4th quarter materials ready for posting? The competencies can be downloaded from this site, Baitang7. THE NEWS ABOUT THE UNAVAILABILITY OF THE 3RD AND 4TH GRADING MODULES IS A BIT DISAPPOINTING. Some texts in the lessons are not provided. However, how could a teacher produce such quality and competitive students if there are no materials available to meet those needs? Search this Guide Search. Hope u can help me. May these downloadable resources help you and lessen your time in doing paperwork so that your efforts may be directed into the actual teaching … Its’s already 0ctober. when can we have the 3rd and 4th TG and LP..thanks.. How I love to here from the department of education the arrival of the learning plans for each students…… are there any? Thanks a lot to these guides and congrats trainers of Region VI for a very job well done. Nicholas Horsburgh and Claire Horsburgh. God Bless. Please enlighten us…. For us teachers to have a lieu way to familiarize them. thanks!!.. Teaching Guide 1.pdf Teaching Guide 2.pdf Teaching Guide 3.pdf Teaching Guide 4.pdf Teaching Guide 5.pdf. experimental curriculum? Thanks. Some of the reading text are not in the learning package, but it is indicated YOUR TEXT, the text is nowhere to be found. Teacher’s Guide for the Second Quarter has 9 lessons only, instead of 10. thanks for the complete guide of the first and second grading periods..I hope that the guide and learning package for the 3rd and 4th grading would come out soon as well.. K to 12 is very nice! This link opens in a new window; Refer to pages 124 - 135. Search this Guide Search. We understand the predicament. Create a free website or blog at Stated time in the teaching guide was not enough for the activities so most of the time the 1 week lesson become 7 days or so…. Over 5,900 enhanced digital books, including nonfiction, novels, and graphic novels . just take one at a time, as long as the competencies on the matrix is followed, then, scan some activity/exercises from textbooks/UbD…, sna po ma post nyo na ang module for 3rd and 4th grading grade 7 english..salamat.