His house has grown rich by building and maintaining the Twins, two castles that control the only crossing over the Green Fork of the River Trident for hundreds of miles. Walder Frey is said to be the only lord who could "field an army from his breeches". Bei Roberts Rebellion hielt Walder Frey seine Streitk… The Late Lord FreyThe Late Walder Frey David Bradley, {Joyeuse Erenford} (eighth wife)Kitty Frey (ninth wife), {Stevron Frey}{Lothar Frey}{Olyvar Frey}Roslin Tully{Waldron Frey}Arwaya FreyWalda FreyDerwa FreyWaldra FreyShirei FreyCountless others, Bastards:{Walder Rivers}{Ryger Rivers}Countless others. A Tully had always been Lord of the Riverlands and Riverrun. Walder Frey had barely even got up from his seat during the massacre, and yet he credited himself with the deaths of greater men and women than himself. Edmure Tully First seen The knight replies that Lord Walder is well and is planning to celebrate his 90th birthday by taking a new wife. He is most known for his role as the title character of “King Lear”. Jaime and Walder discuss House Frey's longevity without House Lannister's influence. Predecessor Furthermore, he required very considerable support from Tywin Lannister for the Red Wedding, and he did not participate personally in taking Riverrun. Spouse Upon entering the Twins, Catelyn finds Walder and his vast brood of sons, grandsons and bastards. [6] When the King in the North and his entourage arrive, Lord Walder offers them his hospitality, but cannot keep himself from mocking Robb over his broken oath, insulting Queen Talisa and leering over her. [4], Catelyn Stark meets a knight with a group of men at arms of House Frey at the Crossroads Inn and asks after Lord Walder's health. Tywin Lannister, Karl Tanner, and Stannis we want to hate but are sorry to see go because their form of badassery appeals to us. Walder watches in glee as his men massacre the Starks. [2][3], He is referred to by his liege lord, Hoster Tully, as the "Late Lord Frey" after delaying his arrival to assist Robert's Rebellion until the outcome had already been determined. Religion Bradley was part of the “Harry Potter” series as Argus Filch is the caretaker of Hogwarts who though isn’t an evil character is a sadist with a knack for harsh punishments. Theon, The Red Priestess of Assai, and Jamie Lannister we hated, then stop hating, then tolerate then begin to want to wish them some sort of happiness. In his final moments, however, Walder's swagger crumbles instantly when he is caught off guard by Arya with no one to protect him, and he shows his cowardice when he attempts to flee before she kills him, proving Tyrion Lannister right when he said that Walder was many things but not brave. 95 in Season 6[1] Dabei bietet er Robb Stark, der ihn um seine Soldaten für seinen geplant… [7] For his part in the Red Wedding, Lord Walder is granted Riverrun and protection from vengeful Northerners by Tywin Lannister. Bloodmoon - the Long Night prequel (canceled), Empire of Ash - the Doom of Valyria prequel, House of the Dragon - Dance of the Dragons prequel, Walder was stated to have turned 90 during Season 1. 6 episodes (see below) House Frey is a big house that controlled the Twin or the Crossing which is the major, easy passageway between the North and the West. Walder later became enraged when Robb Stark broke this promise of a marriage-alliance - but his anger was entirely hypocritical, given that Walder himself is the one who broke his promise of unconditional support for the Tullys, by demanding a marriage-alliance which he had no right to ask for in the first place. While we have characters we loved, we have characters whose presence in the show turn our fingers into fists until it hurts. Trueborn children:{Stevron Frey}{Lothar Frey}{Olyvar Frey}Roslin Tully{Waldron Frey}Arwaya FreyWalda FreyDerwa FreyWaldra FreyShirei FreyCountless othersBastards:{Walder Rivers}{Ryger Rivers}Countless others {Seven wives}{Joyeuse Erenford} (eighth wife)Kitty Frey (ninth wife) First Arya killed all Walder Frey sons then fed Frey their body as meat and he ate. In the books, Lord Walder isn't named the new Lord of Riverrun after the Red Wedding. First Arya killed all Walder Frey sons then fed Frey their body as meat and he ate. In addition, Walder Frey is extremely callous. Hoster Tully disparagingly nicknamed him "the Late Walder Frey" when he arrived with his Frey soldiers at the site of the Battle of the Trident after the battle was already over. Season(s) Once the newlyweds retire for the bedding, he has the halls sealed and gives the cue for his men to slaughter the Starks. In the 1990s, Walder Frey actor was part of a couple of successful British series including “Our Friends in the North” and “Band of Gold”. Fearing that Walder would attempt to imprison Robb and sell him to the Lannisters, Catelyn volunteers to negotiate with him, despite the warnings of Robb, Rodrik Cassel, Greatjon Umber and Theon Greyjoy, stating that she has known Walder since childhood.[4]. Catelyn tells Robb that Walder Frey is slippery and not to be trusted, despite his allegiance to her father. Similarly, when the War of the Five Kings broke out, Walder Frey should have allowed Robb Stark's army to pass through the Twins, and added his own Frey soldiers to his army, because he was a vassal of House Tully. Age In season two of the “Game of Thrones”, Robb Stark sought passage through the Twin and sends his mother to negotiate with Frey and she gets his allegiance in exchange for the promise of marriage between King Robb and Frey’s daughter. I love to hate his character, and his acting makes it that much easier. Walder Frey observes the Red Wedding taking place. And made us see the evil we can be. Additionally Arya, when recovered, will marry Walder's son Waldron. For this, House Frey is sometimes called House Frey of the Twins as though the Twins was a major family. How do you feel about David Bradley’s portrayal of Walder Frey in the show? He … Walder gloated that Brynden Tully had fallen to foot soldiers, even though he had never personally stepped into combat, considering generally defeating one's enemy to be a victory - the very fact that he considered himself (an old man who called for the aid of stronger people to achieve his victories) to be on par with Jaime Lannister (who actually killed his king and was trained by heroes, and has participated in actual battles) shows that Walder is narrow-minded. Ramsey Bolton, Cersei Lannister, and Janus we just hate and couldn’t wait to relish their deaths.