This ddrum 5 Piece Drum Trigger Set is a good investment for any drummer looking to incorporate electronics into a full drum kit setup. For instance, the API 2500 includes a unique "thrust" filter on its threshold detector, which prevents low frequencies (like those from the kick) from triggering the compressor too aggressively. To correct this, it is customary to align overheads and other distance mics to the snare, to get the overall kit's sound as clean as it can be.In this video, hear mixer Michael White tighten up the sound by aligning his drum tracks with InPhase. To help add a sense of depth, engineers send the individual drum tracks on an aux send to a reverb. Try to use narrow bands with high Q values to pinpoint problem areas in your recordings. We offer acoustic to electric drum triggers of all leading manufactures like Roland, ddrum, ddt, TDrum, Pearl and many more. Drum Trigger. After adjusting the tuning of your drums, it’s important to make sure the phase relationship between the various tracks is intact. The ‘not so secret weapon’ to getting pro-sounding drums in mixes, Trigger 2.0 allows you to layer up to eight stereo samples in one plug-in. As the sound moves outward with each crack of the snare (often the loudest and most distinct part of the kit), the close mic at the snare's position will be the first to capture the sound. At this point your drums should be sounding pretty close and “mixed.” They’re sitting nicely in the track from a tonal and dynamics perspective, not getting in the way of the vocal. If you’re having trouble identifying the offending frequencies (like a stubborn resonance in the body of a snare) try using the sweeping technique: Additive EQ is typically done with broader, more colorful EQs. 4. Top Sellers. The overheads, and any room mics spaced farther away from the kit, will capture the sound at a small, but significant delay in time.Since all channels are recorded and played back simultaneously, but at varying distances from the snare, the raw tracks will be made up of several captures of the snare at cascaded times and distances. 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Compression can be tricky, but it’s one of the keys to achieving a modern drum sound.It’s common to apply between 3-6 dB of gain reduction to the kick and snare. Experiment with which method works best for your workflow.If you’re working with recorded drums, you’re almost certainly going to have drum bleed — where the sound of the other drums “bleed” through to nearby mics. Step 10: Add beef and aggression with distortion. Adjust the attack time to (how quickly the gate opens) to affect the ‘pop,’ or the transient of the sound, and adjust the release time so that the gate closes as the sound decays. Watch mixer Tony Maserati show advanced tips for refining parallel drums. 26. When tracks are out of phase, it may cause phase cancellation, which causes certain frequencies to sound unbalanced or disappear altogether.To understand why phase incoherence is so common with drums, think of the physical distances between pieces of the drum kit and the microphones used to capture it. Some common compressors used with drums are found on the SSL E-Channel and G-Channel strips, V-Comp, and API 2500. Get the sound of the pros for less. It inherits the best features of the MP3 Trigger and then goes way beyond. 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The needle should bounce up 3-6 dB when the drum is hit, then just before it returns to 0, the next drum hit pushes the needle back up 3-6 dB.When done correctly, this causes the drums to feel alive, and allows for a more musically dynamic mix. Make the cut right up against the transient as the tom is struck, and then apply a fade as the drum decays, so that it enters and exits the sound of the kit in a natural way.Another way to affect the drums' attack and decay is with a specifically-designed transient-shaping tool, like Smack Attack. Learn how to mix drums from start to finish, from setting compression and EQ to correcting phase problems and manipulating transients. Play around with the two distortion shapes and gain knob to get the right sound for the song, and you can even mess with the compression settings on the plugin to change the dynamic character of the distortion. Triggersysteme haben somit also einen vielseitigen Einsatzbereich, nicht nur im E-Drum Bereich! Gates are often included in channel strip plugins, like the Scheps Omni Channel, or in the SSL E-Channel and G-Channel plugins.Put the processor on a drum channel with offending bleed, then reduce the threshold until the bleed is muted; only the desired sound should be poking through, or opening the gate. Some prefer the sound of API consoles featured on the API 550 and 560. ", "VariantsMinimalPrice" : 0.000000000, "IsVariantsPriceSame" : "False", "IsProductOptions" : "False" } ]. But what if you want to bring them over the edge, add some aggression, and, depending on the genre, hit the listener a bit harder? Cymbals, overheads, and room mics run the gamut from ‘not-compressed-at-all jazz records’ to ‘smashed-to-smithereens rock.’Equally as important as the amount of compression are the time settings of the compression.Slow attack times allow the initial impact to pass through before being compressed, but setting it too slow may cause your compressor to miss some drum hits altogether.Fast attack times help tighten up a performance by diluting the initial transient of the hit, which can be great for adding control, but setting it too fast can suck the life out of a track and push it further back in the mix.Relatively fast release times can help increase perceived loudness and push drums up ‘in your face,’ but too fast can cause an unnatural pumping sound.Many engineers set their drum compression to allow some of the initial transient’s attack through, and the release to make the drums' decay more audible, increasing perceived energy. There should be an immediate sense of thickness and color added to the drums. 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Unless using extreme creative effects, a good rule of thumb is to have the reverb channel just loud enough that you miss it when it’s muted, but not so loud that it sticks out much or demands focus when it's there.In this video, producer/engineer Billy Bush (Garbage, Jake Bugg) shows how he’s set up his session with the Abbey Road Reverb Plates, creating a large sense of space with each hit of the snare to complement the space of the track: Applying EQ, compression, dynamics processing and effects for drum mics can be a lot of work.