Jason Wilson. Most action has been on the North West shore. Some of the best opportunity for whitefish takes place during the end of November. Sandstone good bass lake and huge walleye but hard to catch. Navionics Lake Map. Ice is thick 24 inches everywhere big pressure ridge dead center of lake. And anglers report that the northern pike are very aggressive in depths of 8-15 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing, one public land or park within 1000 feet of the lake (Sand Lake Rearing Station). Went to whitefish 7 years in a row starting when I was 12 so it’s been about 20 years now since I’ve been there. It has a maximum depth of 105 feet. The walleye have moved off the weed edges and can now be found in 16-30 feet of water. We used to go to the dump up there to watch the bears until they put a gate at the entrance. Fishing report: 11/19/2020 ... Torch Lake: Whitefish spearing is taking place on the south end around the sandbar. Muskellunge with a topwater. As we enter 2020 I am counting the days for my trips this summer to Whitefish and the areas lakes. I would love to hear more about it. Bluegills are coming from the thick weeds at the inside turns and points. I have fished this lake 25+ times over two+ decades. It is definitely not what it use to be but the walleyes you catch are extremely healthy. Whitefish Chain fishing report provided by Walleye Dan Guide Service (218) 692-2246. Dealt with a nasty cold front that dropped the lake temperature 6 degrees. The lake's water is moderately clear. Current Rating: Average of 18 ratings as of Jan. 21, 2018. 14150 Swann Drive Most of the reports are saying they are hanging about 10ft down. I caught 35 walleyes with only 5 below 18 inches. Fishing Report. 2; Details; Jan 19, 2015 Dan Johnson 0. Current fly fishing conditions are not so good today. Very shallow launch as I remember, I actually ran into the side of my Dad’s car with the boat loading up there but that’s another story! That tip we learned from a local at a bar. Fishing Reports and Discussions for Whitefish Lake, Sawyer County - Wisconsin Fishing Reports and Discussions for Whitefish Lake, Sawyer County - Wisconsin ... My folks recently bought a place just down the road from the boat landing on the south side of the lake. Lake Stats. Anyone been there this year? Crosslake MN 56442  |  (218) 692-2246. Nicer walleyes are caught on crankbaits. Whitefish Lake is a great spot to ice fish when there is enough ice to be safe. Here's a link to regularly updated Brainerd Lakes Area fishing report, courtesy of the Brainerd Guide Service.For additional tips on a specific lake, ask at the bait shop. Any one out there do any fall fishing or winter fish this year? Book Online. Any suggestions? Is that in Stone Lake W isconsin View full conversation; Louie Dazzo. Looking for a fishing report about a lake here in Alberta? Northern lights lake trout bass huge walleye, extremely large, beautiful poor landing. good lake. Lake Trout are biting in deeper water, about 70ft down. Todd Andrist is your go to Whitefish Chain fishing guide. Crosslake lakes area has so many quality lakes to choose from, sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to fish. Stay tuned on ice conditions on Whitefish Lake. 2020 RATES. Since the fishing has declined on Whitefish I have ventured to other lakes as well. Arrow good bass and lake trout beautiful lake deep huge walleye hard to catch. The lake also ha… Ice Report: 21 in 21” of ice around paradise cove boat launch and bay to the west . Iron Range has been the most consistent for me. S = Slow F = Fair G = Good . Whitefish Chain Fishing Guide. Whitefish Lake is located in the resort community of Whitefish, and is one of the most popular lakes in Montana. Arrow good bass and lake trout beautiful lake deep huge walleye hard to catch. There was another lake we went to up there the name I don’t recall, I think it was past sandstone but on the left side of the road.