They were not my favorite but the Chai was good.Next, we were sent another order of the cream puffs. Winning. Add on the super sour pickled vegetables AND spicy sauce that came with some of the burgers? Our only issue at this point was tipping. I won't lie, I'm intrigued by the tilapia taco and imperialist hot dog. Grilled tilapia, came with the usual sour cream, guac and shredded lettuce. Present day, Sweet Boy is a treasured project he nurtures on the side. For a hearty meal, I'd recommend the bimbimbap burger + fries or rings. Yes, Angelo is there, and I just had a few thoughts for him to consider (take it or leave it, it's your restaurant's success riding on it). Personally I'd like them to decrease the amount of sugar coating of the puff. The patty was very tasty on its own and the vegetable toppings, although delicious as well, were very soggy and reminded me of a bad ratatouille burger I once had. This time I ordered the Kung Pao Wow because I love kung pao chicken. They're so fresh, straight from the oven and pumped full of custard right before your eyes. Cover with a second round of puff pastry sheet and pipe the vanilla yuzu ganache on the pastry sheet. Trendy and sophisticated decor, much like the way Angelo dresses.We arrived and were seated immediately. Best part of the meal, hands down.On a side note, the bathrooms are unisex as dictated by the hot dog and the taco pictured on the bathroom door. In more ways than one. We had the chicken spring rolls which were delicious, and I had the Kunp Pow Sandwich which was finger licking good. UCLA Dining Services will assume no liability for any adverse reactions that may occur in the residential restaurants. If you don't like these then there has got to be something wrong with you.Next he sent us two orders of the Chocolate Toffee Brownie with Chai Milk. The hot wings, which tickled my throat rather than setting it on fire like I hoped, were deliciously glazed in a sweet & tangy sauce while maintaining their crispness underneath. But overall, the vibe was cool and not pretentious. I came with a friend and we cracked up coming to the exact same conclusion.The bibimbap burger was fine, doesn't come with any sides other than some cole-slaw-ish thing (kind of in between KFC cole slaw and kimchi... didn't have mayo and wasn't that spicy).I'm about a 3.5 on this one, but I'll round up because of the unique food plus our waitress was super kind and refilled our water multiple times long after we paid the check.For South Beach compliance, there is definitely some sugary glaze on the burgers and slaw, but you'll probably do quite fine fork-and-knifing the bibimbap burger, tossing the bun, and washing it down with a glass of red wine. )For dessert, we ordered the yuzu cream puffs to share and once again, fail. The hostess led us to a table of our choosing and our waiter was very quick to welcome us and take our orders. ).Anyway, we got:Tomato curry soup: Quite good. There were one IPA, a Hefe, and some S Korean beer. The ceiling is a little low so it does make it very loud in here but it's very casual.Some of my faves include:The chop chop saladImperialist hot dogBibimbap burger (this won best Burger in NY! Wife ordered the Social Burger & MS ordered the Bulgogi Burger. Despite my lack of excitement so far, there were some highlights. However, this part of the night ended up with very mixed results. Although the order comes with 3 puffs, 4 puffs were given for our party of four which was a nice gesture from the staff. Came here with 2 friends on Friday in the blistering heat for a taste of the bulgogi burger that my friends had been raving about.The restaurant was relatively empty when we arrived around 5:30 except for a few people sitting at the bar. Yuzu Cream Puff= More like a lemon-filled donut hole. There is plenty of eye candy for the guys and the women that were with me all loved Angelo. The Korean beef taco that includes the skirt steak which others have reviewed, wasn't on the menu. It's probably best to come early if you want to beat the crowd (you can also reserve a table through Open Table on the Social Eatz website). it's definitely a solid choice, but the meat doesn't taste like Korean bulgogi at all; still just like a burger patty with some Korean flavoring/spicesKung pao sandwich ($9) - pretty solid choice; prob better than the bulgogi burger but not as good as the bibimbap burger; soy-sesame, chili, peanut flavor, but i thought the sauce could have had more of a kick to it and be more peanut-y. Our waitress almost ruined our night.The first downturn happened when Wife's burger showed up with the "longevity sauce" on it which she definitely asked for it without. I've been here 3 times in the past month. A better option than that trashy pub up the block.------------------------------*Korean hot pepper paste.